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Post-Crisis Hospitality Management Certificate- Self Pace


About This Course

About the Program

While almost every industry has experienced a slump this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, few have struggled with the economic impacts related to COVID-19 like the hospitality and tourism industry. Countless hotel bookings, spa experiences, theme park trips, performing arts evenings, and dinners out have been canceled as a result of the pandemic – all taking its toll on an industry that was already dealing with tight profit margins. And as hotel occupancy rates and average room rates have dropped hoteliers across the globe are worried about survival.

The survival of many hospitality and tourism businesses heavily depends on increasing consumer demand for services and experiences, which means that figuring out what will make customers return is essential.But that’s not the only question facing hospitality and tourism industry leaders post-pandemic.

How will technology change the way services are delivered? What operational measures need to change to make consumers willing to come back? How will managers build employee loyalty when the industry had no choice but to lay off some top performers? How will leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry answer these questions?

So how do you move from surviving to thriving in this kind of environment?

The University of South Florida School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is hosting a seven-week online certificate program that can help participants determine the answers to some of these questions.

And others that you may not have worried about yet. And those who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic will be better positioned for the post-crisis job search. The certificate will dive into several functional areas like marketing, human resource management, technology management, hospitality law and contracts, financial management, and hospitality operations to help answer several questions including:


This certificate is open to all and free of charge.

Course Staff

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Dr. Faizan Ali

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Dr. Joe Askren

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Mr. Keith Barron, Esq.

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Sir Dr. Adam Carmer

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Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu

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Mr. Garry Colpitts

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Ms. Casi Johnson

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Dr. Trishna Mistry

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