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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate


About the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Participants will be introduced to the foundational pieces of the Define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) process, and the course will include topics such as the history of continuous improvement, empowering employees, improving processes, continuous improvement principles, continuous improvement methods, continuous improvement concepts, process mapping, Kaizen (a continuous improvement method/tool deemed a prerequisite for Lean transformation success), and Lean (a continuous improvement philosophy).

How can the program benefit you?

  • Become a workplace influencer/leader with industry-shaping skills and knowledge
  • Position yourself for promotions or a better job
  • Learn business philosophies and strategies that improve career satisfaction and morale
  • Increase your earning power
  • Explore a business strategy that can improve your workplace environment and culture and learn how to apply it
  • How can the program benefit organizations?

  • Increased productivity and improved quality
  • More efficient operations and fewer errors
  • Increased innovation
  • Lower costs and a better bottom line
  • Less employee turnover
  • Better customer experience and brand reputation
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    Instructor Bio

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    Shane Wentz, Ph.D

    Shane got his start as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in the US Army in 2009 as the Army rolled out the largest deployment of Lean Six Sigma in the world. He received his lean six sigma black belt and later master black belt certification and immediately began putting it to use by teaching, coaching and leading enterprise level projects. In 2011 he was recognized by the Secretary of the Army for the best Enterprise Level Army project while he was the Director of the Army’s Human Resources Command Continuous Improvement program. Shane then made the plunge to the private sector as the Director of Business Excellence, North America Region, for Siemens Rail automation. He then joined Nike as a lean master, overseeing the lean program for Japan and Korea as well as rolling out lean to various North America Nike business segments. Shane then moved to Memphis and became the Director of Lean and Quality for Nike’s Memphis Distribution Network. He then joined Radial (formerly eBay Enterprises) as their Global Director of Continuous improvement for their network of 23 distribution centers and call centers across North America and Europe; developing and deploying the Radial Continuous Improvement System, leveraged by leaders across the organization to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

    Shane and his wife Susie are owners of A Change in Latitude Consulting (ACIL). They are a certified small business woman owned (SBWO) and Small Business Disabled Veteran Owned (SBDVO) consulting firm. ACIL leverages continuous improvement to enhance the bottom line of private and public sector organizations and get them closer to their “true north” by building a culture of continuous improvement that smashes silos, increases employee engagement and optimizes organizational processes.

    Shane is passionate about continuous improvement and shows his passion through various posts and articles on LinkedIn, speaking at Operational Excellence conferences, being a guest on the Just in Time Café ( and the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast and training thousands of people in continuous improvement. Shane is an advocate of people being at the core of continuous improvement and works with leaders of organizations to ensure continuous improvement is leveraged to smash silos and increase employee engagement; resulting in enhanced company performance.


    Even though the content of the certificate is free of charge, there is a modest fee for upgrading to the certificate track. Once you upgrade, there are 4 quizzes that need to be passed with a grade of at least 80%. Moreover, you only have three attempts to pass each quiz.

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