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Cross - Cultural Leadership Certificate


About this Course


That’s right! We are now offering you the chance to be rewarded and awarded for your ability to lead strong and strategically in such a diverse world. We know that it can be difficult to understand how to foster relationships in cross-cultural environments. For so long, we have been taught to ignore our differences vs. appreciate and unify them. And our goal in this 7-Module Course is to do just that: connect you to other experiences that teach you how to value and honor the differences of others.

Meet the Creators of the Program

Dr.MacAulay is an award-winning Instructor at the Muma College of Business, University of South Florida, where she teaches in the fields of leadership, organizational behavior, and management to undergraduate, graduate, and executive students. She has worked with Fortune 100/500 corporations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions to help develop and enhance their approach to DEI through interactive and customized workshops. She has also worked with individual executives from a variety of industries to help develop their leadership and management skills. She holds a PhD in Management from St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Doreen’s research focuses on gender equity, organizational change, and identity. She has lectured at various academic institutions within the United States, Canada, Spain, and China. MacAulay is a member of the Academy of Management Association. She has served as a reviewer for several academic conferences and journals.

Ingrid is an International speaker and founder of two globally recognized organizations, The Women Ambassadors Forum and a DEI Consulting firm, NOTA Inclusion. She also identifies as a #MexicanAmerican. Throughout her upbringing, neither country accepted her wholeheartedly, deciding she was always “too much” of one culture and not enough of the other. This limiting belief didn’t stop Ingrid, and she relays the message that it shouldn’t stop you either. At only 28 Ingrid has raised 700k+ funds, partnered with over 50 Fortune 500 Companies to help produce intersectional experiences and trainings that promote Inclusive Workplaces and has led over 40+ global forums and local forums that have reached women from over 135 countries. Ingrid has also developed a Speakers Bureau under her consulting firm NOTA Inclusion, working with over 130+ leading authors, educators, influencers in the space of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Most recently Ingrid took over the TEDx stage for her very first talk on “The Power of Unlearning.”

Monica is a Human Resources Executive with domestic and international experience, has worked for many years as a change maker with focus in Cultural Transformation, Leadership and Organizational Development, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility. With a passion for people, art, traveling, stories, and feminine leadership, she serves developing, coaching, and mentoring leaders and women in the community and other countries. She holds a master's degree in Jungian Psychology and Art Therapy, and is the co-author of U Empath You book. Born in Medellin, Colombia, she has lived in various countries, which opened her up to different cultures. Founder of Rosita & Pepa, and Grandma’s March, a platform and event that creates consciousness, celebrates the connection to our grandmothers, and rekindles ancestral and multigenerational feminine wisdom, keeping it alive. Monica loves spending time with her nephews, Sebastian, and Martin.

Meet your Certificate Instructors

Alexis Nicole Mootoo earned a PhD in government and a graduate certificate in Latin American Studies from USF’s School of Interdisciplinary and Global Studies under the direction of Professor Bernd Reiter. Mootoo serves as an assistant vice president at the University of South Florida and is an adjunct professor for USF’s School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies and Humanities. She is also a fellow in the USF Muma College of Business. Mootoo is interested in American and international race politics and race relations, comparative politics, and public and foreign policy. Her research areas of interest are Brazil and regions with Afro-descendant populations. Her dissertation, “Structural Racism: Racists without Racism in Liberal Institutions within Colorblind States,” examined how Afro-descendants are competing in publicly funded universities in New York City and the city of São Paulo, taking race-based affirmative action into consideration.

Pablo Brescia is professor at the University of South Florida (Tampa), where he teaches courses on 20th and 21st century Latin American literature, culture, and film. He has directed the Masters of Spanish at USF for eleven years. He is the author of Borges. Cinco especulaciones (2015) and Modelos y prácticas en el cuento hispanoamericano: Arreola, Borges, Cortázar (2011), and the editor of eight other academic books. He has published three books of short stories and a book of hybrid texts. He is also twice the recipient of the Status of Latinos’ USF Faculty Award (2013/2019) and the 2010 Jamie Bishop Memorial Award awarded by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

Dr. Denise Davis-Cotton is recognized as a leading authority in arts integrated-teaching, an accomplished curriculum designer for education, arts integration, and new school/program development addressing minoritized and racialized students. She is the Director of the Florida Center for Partnerships for Arts-Integrated Teaching (PAInT Center) at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. PAInT focuses on developing evidenced-based and cutting-edge methods to inform effective arts integration teaching practices for learning. She was invited to the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics to speak to student in a Study Group about Activism and Advocacy in Arts Education. Her life’s work in education centers on fostering inclusive teaching and learning environments through solution-building activities and programs that prominently position the arts within a balanced values-alignment in academia. She is a Milken Foundation internationally-recognized educator, a National Past President and active Board member of Arts Schools Network. She is the Founder and was the First Principal of Detroit School of Arts; and author of Losing My Mind over Education (Finding My Way Back to Me). She has established the reputation as a community/civic leader for comprehensive culturally-inclusive arts-integrated education. She shares with others her belief in the importance of arts integrated-teaching and learning in schools; thereby, garnering the distinct honor as a woman of vision, keen insight, and action. She received two Keys to the City of Montgomery (Alabama), the Congressional Record Recognition by the 106th Congress, and Distinguished Alum of Alabama State University.

Human Resources Executive with domestic and international experience in Cultural Transformation, Leadership and Organizational Development, Change and Crisis Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee/union Relations, and Corporate Social Responsibility, through an innovative, customer-centric and collaborative approach. Proven aptitude for leading cultural transformation processes and projects in Multinational Companies in North America and Latin America, as well as executing initiatives to increase employee engagement, retention and attraction. Conscious leader with the ability to think globally and act locally, leveraging leadership, organizational, and communication skills to implement sustainable HR solutions while improving business results.

Dr. Vonzell Agosto is a professor of curriculum studies in the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies program and Department Chair of Leadership, Policy, and Lifelong Learning at the University of South Florida. Dr. Agosto’s research focuses on curriculum, culture, and educational leadership through the lens of anti-oppressive education with an emphasis on racism, sexism, and ableism.

Love, learn, lead, and lift are hallmarks of Dr. Janelle E. Wells’ life work. Two decades ago, through her love of sport, Dr. Wells earned a collegiate athletic scholarship, progressed into the collegiate coaching ranks, and then transcended into the private sector before transitioning into the classroom as a professor of practice at the University of South Florida, Vinik Sport & Entertainment MBA Program. As a lifelong learner, Dr. Wells’ lived experiences in the male-prevalent industry of sport stimulated her award-winning research in organizational behavior, specifically leadership, career development, and gender equity, which has been published in outlets such as the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, and the Leadership & Organizational Development Journal. In addition to Dr. Wells’ 100-plus published works and presentations, in 2019 she co-edited the book The Business of Esports: The Wild Wild West on Fire, and in 2023 will publish her next book. Putting theory into practice, Wells is the co-founder of WellsQuest, a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations learn, lead, and lift by (re)investing in people to empower work that matters. She has partnered with several iconic brands to help establish and enhance their talent development and management initiatives. Lifting with her servant heart, Wells finds fulfillment serving the academy as Deputy Editor of Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal and empowering women as a founder and Membership Co-Chair of Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Tampa Bay. Dr. Wells’ most meaningful purpose is raising three active young boys with her husband.

Meet our Guest Speakers

Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor, social impact innovator, and best-selling author and speaker working with people to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do and the world they wish to live in. From the heart. Led by their internal power and intuition. Dedicated to making a meaningful impact, without sacrificing their wellness. Her whole-being, wisdom-led approach focuses on teaching people how to design lives, daily routines, short- and long-term goals, working patterns, and teams and organizations that are rooted in wholeness, wellness and interconnectedness, where success includes personal and collective sustainability. Blending traditional leadership techniques gained from her extensive 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, including Fortune 500 companies like Gap Inc. and Visa, and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, with 20+ years of study in modalities based on conscious leadership, human potential, yogic science, body-mind-heart integration, intuitive thinking and somatic meditation, Arylo brings a new lens and elevated consciousness to leadership, business, organization and life design. People on 6 continents have participated in her personal and professional transformational programs and workshops. She is the host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast. Her fourth book and latest book is Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

Cassandra Rose is a Partner at Meritarc and is setting a new standard for helping organizations optimize their Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion strategy. Having held roles at multibillion-dollar global brands and unicorn startups, Cassandra has developed proven strategies which positively impact the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of employees and embed equitable practices. Cassandra has over 15 years of HR experience and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) with a B.B.A. in Business Management, Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations, and Professional Certificates in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Leadership, and Healthcare Economics. She is a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council and was recognized by Mogul as one of the Top 100 DEI Leaders in 2021.

It was Keiko’s dream as a child to create a world without hunger so that no child goes to bed hungry. After serving in the United Nations World Food Programme for more than 25 years, Keiko is embarking on a new adventure with the publication of this book which allows her to heal the world, not by millions while working for WFP, but one little wave at a time. Keiko is from Japan and studied for advanced degrees while in Mexico and the United Kingdom. She has worked in Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Kyrgyz Republic. She and her husband, Hiro Izushi, have one beloved son, Keiichi.

Ayesha Shaukatullah is the SEALA Network Manager since August 2015. Her work experience includes working as Regional Head and General Manager at The Educators, a project of Beaconhouse School System, based in Islamabad. Previously, she was General Manager of Operations, and School Group Head, Northern Region at Beaconhouse School System. Ms. Shaukatullah was responsible for surveying schools across the region for operational difficulties, enhancing teaching and learning standards, improving physical infrastructure, customer care and conflict resolution, while providing training to the vast network of The Educators’ Schools throughout the region. Previously, she spent five years at Headstart School as Academic Coordinator and then Vice Principal with duties ranging from admissions and syllabus planning to hiring, training, parental outreach, and teaching (mathematics and computer studies). Ms. Shaukatullah started her own web development company in 1997, W3designers, managing website projects for international organizations and many local businesses based in Islamabad. Earlier in her career, she taught web programming in California and served as consultant technical writer for a Silicon Valley based software company.Ms. Shaukatullah has recently completed a “Women in Leadership” Certification, by the Shakti Fellowship Program at San Diego University (2019) , as well as a Personalysis Practitioner Certification (2020).She is a graduate of SEALA 2 held in January 2015 and has facilitated at CELA 11 at Koc University, Istanbul and MELA 12 at Luxor, Egypt.

Miriam Willard McKenney is a child of God who finds extreme joy parenting her three girls: Nia, 27; Kaia, 22; and Jaiya, 18 with her husband, David. Miriam works as Forward Movement’s Director of Development & Mission Engagement and is an adjunct lecturer of Children’s Literature at Xavier University. She was a children’s librarian and school media specialist for 20 years before joining Forward Movement’s staff. She loves outdoor fitness in extreme temperatures, as there is no bad weather, just incorrect clothing choices.

Nilima & Vijay Bhat are partners in Life and pioneers at Work. Their unique perspective on Wholeness is encompassed in their books ‘My Cancer Is Me’ - The Journey from Illness to Wholeness and, ‘Shakti Leadership’ -1 Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power. Their integral approach is rooted in Indian wisdom and synthesizes the best practices and paths from around the world; made accessible to modern audiences in a clear, engaging and impactful way. Having lived and worked in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and India,their firm ‘Roots & Wings Global Services’ is registered in Singapore.

Luiz França is, according to his self-definition, a “humanizer of organizations, inspiring people, writer, entrepreneur, executive, mentor, teacher and speaker”. A psychologist, Luiz has an MBA in Business with an emphasis on people management and has worked in several companies in various sectors, such as Automotive, Finance, Mining, Pulp and Paper and Textiles. Currently Head of Human Resources for the Americas at Kordsa, the speaker states that conformism and not looking at employees is not allowing the company to grow and does not generate the spontaneous engagement necessary to create successful organizations. Luiz helps leaders apply and understand the importance of humanized leadership by building a culture of trust and how human managers can create a working environment with people in the center and positively impact in the life of everyone, so it can develop an organization with reinforcement of innovation, happiness and collaboration.

Laura Berland is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Compassionate Leadership. The Center trains global leaders in the principles and practices required to create organizations of safety, connection, and belonging. She has developed a new model for these turbulent times that melds evidence-based principles of modern leadership and the latest neuroscientific and behavioral research with the wisdom of contemplative and embodiment practices. Laura has extensive experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, graduate students, military veterans, and yoga/meditation teachers. She is an alumna of Cornell University and New York University. Evan Harrel is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Compassionate Leadership. He leads the Center’s thought leadership efforts, the integration of scientific and business research into the work of the Center, and the development and delivery of the Center’s leadership training programs. He was awarded a MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, from Princeton University.

Furkan Karayel is multi award winning diversity and inclusion speaker and author of the best selling book “Inclusive Intelligence: How to be a Role Model for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”. Furkan lectures at the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Master’s program at Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Her passion is leveraging women-in-tech leadership, diversity and empowering female founders globally.Furkan founded after 10 years of software engineering experience in multinational tech companies in Ireland. She has been honored with “Speaker of the Year”, “Diversity and Inclusion Role Model in Business” and “Trailblazer” Awards. Additionally, Furkan is an active speaker at international events where she shares her learnings about experiences of the tech world as a woman, her recommendations for inclusive leadership and the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Mr. Francis Vigil is from the Pueblo of Zia in New Mexico. He is also Pueblo of Jemez and Jicarilla Apache, which are all Native American tribes in New Mexico. Currently, Mr. Vigil serves as the Tribal Education Specialist for the National Indian Education Association. Mr. Vigil’s areas of concentration are in Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Education, Community-based Education, and Indigenous Methods, Methodology, and Pedagogy. He utilizes those areas to intersect with his social justice work, which includes diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Previously, Mr. Vigil served as the Educational Specialist for Culture, History, and Language for the Bureau of Indian Education under the U.S. Department of Interior. In addition, Mr. Vigil has served as a high school science teacher and as an educational administrator at the school, school district, state, and federal levels. In addition to serving on the Parents as Teachers Board of Directors, Mr. Vigil also serves as a Commissioner for the State of New Mexico’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, and he currently serves on Google’s Equity Board. He recently served as the President of the New Mexico Tribal Language Consortium. Mr. Vigil continues to provide educational consultation services to various educational entities at the local, state, and national levels. Most importantly, he is honored to continue to serve and work with numerous tribes and tribal communities across the United States. Mr. Vigil holds a B.S. in Microbiology from New Mexico State University, a M.A. in Secondary Education from University of New Mexico, and is continuing his work on a PhD in Social Justice with a focus on educator identity and social emotional learning in Native American education systems. Mr. Vigil is a husband, and he is a proud “girl dad’ to four beautiful daughters, Aliyah, Maya, Bria, and Soniya. He is also a grandpa to three awesome grandchildren, Layla, Logan, and Evelyn.

Ngozichukwu is a Human Resource Specialist, Business Strategist, and organizational performance consultant. She is at her best when she is helping organizations connect with and bring people together to design strategies, execute strategic priorities, solve social problems, and identify and contribute to new ventures, in a global entrepreneurial context. With 17+ years of diverse business industry experience in both developed and growth markets, Ngozichukwu has worked with startup and growth-stage companies through to sustainability and high profitability. In these organizations, she has created impact by supporting the development of new solutions, strategies and businesses, promoting diversity and inclusion, optimizing existing operational effectiveness and rolling out new strategic initiatives to expand their impact and reach. Ngozichukwu holds a Bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and numerous certificates in Human resources management and is currently growing thought leadership in performance management. A Nigerian, Ngozichukwun's interest in impacting on the underserved has made her Nigeria's foremost advocate for the protection of the rights of domestic workers, the formalization of domestic work in the country and the promotion of decent work for economic growth. She lives in Nigeria with her husband, two beautiful children, and a foster daughter. She loves to read, travel, sing, write, take walks and teach.

Elijah Kala is a practitioner specializing in divine living for both the masculine and feminine bodies. Within his sacred union rooted in ancestral connection, culture, and the sacred work of healing, Eljiah brings a unique power to the realms of self-mastery, universal balance, and steward leadership within their facilitating dynamic.As a living embodiment of ancestral reclamation, these beings share the sacred wisdom of the ancestors with their communities to maintain the unified effort of healing humanity through unconditional aloha.

Shaku is the founder of Activateen and has worked as a marketing and communications leader for startups and Fortune 100 companies and has worked with multi cultural and intergenerational teams. She discovered poetry fifteen years ago when a dear friend died unexpectedly. When she is not writing poetry or dabbling in digital art, she loves practicing yoga, mentoring young adults, and exploring new hiking trails in Central Texas. Be Still My Heart is her first book of poetry which explores the way the personal intersects with the universal and the seasons of our life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature, a post-graduate specialization in mass communications, and a Master of Business of Administration degree from the University of Bradford. You can find more information about Shaku at

A global pioneer for women and authentic leadership, Kristin created WIN 25 years ago to bring alive a vision of a more feminine, global and sustainable way at work, in communities and life. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of world-class companies have attended WIN’s live experiences across Europe as well as in India, Nigeria, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. She was recently awarded the EuroKnowledge Outstanding Women Leadership Award and has also been recognized by the CEO for Life Awards, Diversity Global Magazine and the International Alliance of Women. In her early career she worked for JP Morgan, Citibank and Innovation Norway, EU and as a strategy and marketing consultant. A business economist (BI, Oslo) with an MBA (Milan’s Bocconi), she has also completed a wealth of interdisciplinary studies including acting and yoga. She attends global meetings such as the W7 of the G7 and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and she also chaired the Women in Leadership meeting at the Davos SDG tent in 2020.

Maria Belen Arrechea Botana has recently made her life mission of supporting women in the process of redefining their own place in the world while fostering social inclusion from a gender perspective throughout her work. She is an advocate for women’s rights and former 2021 WAF Ambassador. Maria Belen holds a B.A. double degree in International and Cultural Business Studies (Argentina/Germany) and has 6+ years of working experience in different business industries in both Argentina and Germany. Currently doing her specialization in Gender Studies, she works as Gender & Culture Specialist at World Languages Academy, and has recently graduated as an Expert in Coaching for Women’s Entrepreneurship.

A strong believer that business leaders and organizations can do well by doing good, Thomas has been promoting Conscious Capitalism since 2010. He launched a Conscious Capitalism chapter in Brazil and Peru and supported the launch of chapters in other countries. Thomas teaches Conscious Capitalism classes in major business schools and in Corporate Governance programs. He also runs workshops that teaches the fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism and certifies consultants and Board of Directors. TEDx Speaker with 350k views. Thomas is the cofounder and CEO of CBJ Conscious Business Journey a global network with the purpose to accelerate the upgrade of organizations towards a more conscious business ecosystem. CBJ has certified 800+ Conscious Capitalist Consultants in 21 countries and is an international program based on the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide and Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism. He also co founded the first conscious capitalism consultant network (Conscious Business Network) to support organizations interested in upgrading themselves. Thomas also works as a trusted adviser to help organizations implement conscious practices. He co founded a few conscious businesses along the way, was a B-Corp certified entrepreneur and he also serves on the boards of several different companies.

Of Croatian origin, Dr. Irena Ateljevic has lived around the world for over 20 years. She obtained her PhD in Human Geography in 1998 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. During the 12 years she spent living in the country, she worked at Auckland University, Victoria University of Wellington and Auckland University of Technology and did numerous international research projects in Asia and South Pacific. In 2005, she moved to the Netherlands to teach at Wageningen University, a highly esteemed university for sustainability and nature conservation issues. She has been invited to teach and speak at various universities worldwide (from Brasil to Rwanda, Australia, Fiji islands, Thailand, China, Finland, the UK, etc.). She was a co-founder of Critical Tourism Studies network dedicated to promote the academy of hope concept. She has co-edited 3 books and published over 50 scientific journals. Yet, feeling deeply frustrated that sustainability teaching has become mostly about ‘talking-the-walk’ rather than ‘walking-the-talk’, Irena left her academic tenure and returned to Croatia in 2011, to assist her home country towards its more sustainable future. Upon her return she has worked in all sectors of society where she could see the potential make an impactful change – as a social scientist and teacher, sustainability consultant for local and national governments in Croatia; creating her own NGO and then a social enterprise. In her capacity as a Scientific Associate at the Institute for Tourism in Zagreb she conducted a longitudinal research project on the transformative power of tourism towards our sustainable future. She has applied her scientific insights into her own entrepreneurial projects. After experimenting with her first social enterprise and prototype called SHE (Sibenik Hub for ecology), she has founded a Centre for Regeneration and Human Potential called Terra Meera in the rural part of Dalmatia, near Krka National Park www.

How it Works

  • Length : Self paced
  • Effort : 2-3 hr./week
  • Model: Ascynchronous, self-paced
  • Duration : 21 Hours
  • Format: 100% Online
  • Cost: Free Content, $99 Certificate

What You'll Eatn

  • You will earn 2 CEUs , equivalent to 20 contact hours
  • A Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for participation in non-credit continuing education programs.
  • Digital certificate and badge issued by USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education through Credly.
  • About Nota Inclusion

    Building and promoting belonging is not only the right thing to do — it’s smart business practice. Our team works to humanize and innovate the way companies run their learning and development programs. Our approach to building a culture of belonging is intentional, interactive, inspiring and different. Don’t forget, people want a different narrative. We also house the largest inclusive speakers bureau in the world, supporting both Employee Resource Groups and Learning and Development departments with intersectional narratives and training that unlock human potential and seek to create meaningful systemic change. Now, belonging is a journey not a destination, and whether you are at the start of this journey or further along, let us help you find solutions and nurture a culture where everyone belongs.